The natural world and its deterioration, as a result of human intervention or environmental catastrophes, are my sources inspiration. I paint series of imaginary landscapes whose recurring themes are the deep love I feel for nature combined with the anxiety that its current and ongoing destruction causes me.

My slides on canvas allude to moments—usually at dusk or dawn—in the aftermath of the events that changed them dramatically. They generally evolve from impulsive brushstrokes that form an abstract composition created with the priming materials and pigments. As the painting builds, indefinite forms emerge. I gradually integrate these forms within different densities of atmosphere that evoke certain moods and memories. Feeling my way through these states of mind, I build rhythms of light by inter-weaving subtle variations of color tone and temperature.

I approach my slides on paper differently: while inspired by the same feelings, the frailty of the medium leads me to create more lyrical images. For me, these pieces are love songs dedicated to nature. My craft reveals how fragile these slides are, as is our natural environment.